We are dedicated to creating a Kingdom-minded show that teaches kids what they need to know: who God is, who they are in Christ, and how that impacts their lives. Join us in funding Season 2 of this award-winning series!

What Is Little Image-Bearers?

Little Image-Bearers is an award-winning children’s show that teaches the important Bible basics. Designed for children ages 2-10, it teaches God’s Word in a straightforward and impactful manner. Each episode includes a unique item to explore, a local visit relating to that item, a simple puppet pretend story, and a fun “try it yourself” project, all pointing towards a biblical concept discussed at the end.

Season 2 will introduce your little image-bearers to important characteristics of God and Jesus. As we dive into who God is and who His Son is, we have the chance to meet a blacksmith, a balloon bender, and an EMT, just to name a few. Along the way, we will explore fun projects with liquid stacking, marbles, invisible ink, and a compass. In the world of puppet pretend, we will go on the search with Bobo Bear to find the maker of the bench and encounter unique characters along the way, such as Mom Redhead and her newest invention, and Aunt Gertrude and her snarky mannerisms. Last but not least, join Prince Bobo as he goes on a daring adventure to save the Fair Lady Lala from the evil dragon in an epic medieval tale.

Our Mission

The mission of Little Image-Bearers is simple: to equip children with a biblical worldview. 

Our vision is as follows:

  • To explore the simple wonders and realities of the world around us.
  • To teach children how to treat themselves and how to treat others.
  • To demonstrate to children how to manage emotions and respond in healthy ways.
  • To display the love of Christ and a passion for God’s Word.
  • To show children how much God loves them, how important they are, and how they can love others.

What’s Going To Be Happening In The New Season?

The founding idea of this series is to teach basic biblical concepts to establish a biblical worldview in children. In order for a person to begin to understand the things in the Bible, it would be best for them to know who the Author is and who His Son is. We’ll spend some time looking at the different characteristics of both God and Jesus, how they work together, and how much they love us.

We’ll be getting to know our puppet friends a little better, and introducing five new characters, as well. Each of their adventures will span throughout five episodes and will solidly reinforce the overarching themes of those episodes. Stories are easy for children to remember. Puppet pretend is a time to use our imaginations to play out a story that illustrates the point of the episode (and hopefully makes us laugh a little bit at the same time).

Watch the full episode teaser clip HERE

So often, children will repeat or play what they see on a movie or show. We deliberately present children with a game or craft they can do at home. Season 2 will include activities that children of all ages can appreciate and enjoy.

Similar to Season 1, our visits in Season 2 will introduce kids (and sometimes their parents) to experiences they might not have the opportunity for in real life. Being able to meet and see people do what they are good at or passionate about will hopefully inspire kids in what they will become when they grow up.

Here is a list of all the episodes in Season 2, 
to give you an idea of the topics we will cover.

Section 1 – Who is God?
Ep. 1 Important Introductions
Ep. 2 God the Creator
Ep. 3 God is with You
Ep. 4 God the Father
Ep. 5 God Is Love

Section 2 – Who is Jesus?
Ep. 6 Jesus the Son of God
Ep. 7 Jesus the King
Ep. 8 Jesus Our Friend
Ep. 9 Jesus the Savior
Ep. 10 Jesus the Way

We are so thankful for any contribution and would like to honor you in the following ways:

  • $5 or more: You’re so cool, thank you!
  • $25 or more will make the production of season 2 happen, and get your name in the credits! You’re great!
  • $100 or more will make the production of season 2 happen, and get you name in the credits and a copy of season when it is completed! You’re stupendous!
  • $250 or more will make the production of season 2 happen, and get your name in the credits, a copy of season when it is completed, and a signed poster! You’re Fantastic!
  • $500 or more will make the production of season 2 happen, and your get Name in the credits (executive contributor level), DVD copy, a signed poster, and early digital access to Season 2! You’re Awesome!
  • $1000 or more will make the production of season 2 happen, and your get Name in the credits (executive contributor level), DVD copy, a signed poster, teacher’s guide, and early digital access to Season 2! You’re beyond Awesome!
  • $2500 will fully fund 1 whole episode, and will get your as “Sponsored by: [Name]” as first credit, DVD copy, a signed poster, early digital access to Season 2, teacher’s guide, and a special program hosted by Caleb Phipps at your church/group. You’re amazing!!!

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