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Season 2 of Little Image-Bearers is written and ready to film! This season will have 10 episodes. Last year, I was praying about Little Image-Bearers, and I asked God if it should continue. His answer was “yes.” He has so much He wants to teach children at a young age, and Little Image-Bearers is one small way He can do that. 

Once I had my yes, I began to prayerfully consider what the subjects were that Season 2 should cover. The founding idea of this series is to teach basic biblical concepts to establish a biblical worldview in children. 

One day, it dawned on me that in order for a person to begin to understand the things in the Bible, it would be best for them to know who the Author is and who His Son is. With that in mind, the topics for Season 2 came easily. The first 5 episodes are about who God is, followed by 5 episodes covering who Jesus is. 

I’m aware that I could spend all my life discovering who God is, and by the end I would only have just begun to know Him. But it’s my hope to introduce the children viewing the show to God and to Jesus, and to hopefully begin them on their lifelong journey of discovering who God is. 

-Caleb Phipps, Producer

Here is a list of all the episodes in Season 2, to give you an idea of the topics we will cover.

Section 1 – Who is God?
Ep. 1 Important Introductions
Ep. 2 God the Creator
Ep. 3 God is with You
Ep. 4 God the Father
Ep. 5 God Is Love

Section 2 – Who is Jesus?
Ep. 6 Jesus the Son of God
Ep. 7 Jesus the King
Ep. 8 Jesus Our Friend
Ep. 9 Jesus the Savior
Ep. 10 Jesus the Way

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