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Enjoy the entire first season of Little Image-Bearers on digital and support production of future episodes at the same time!


  • all 7 episodes from season one (127 minutes)
  • created for children ages 2-10 and their parents!

The first season of Little Image-Bearers has seven episodes covering topics such as intrinsic value, self-worth, aiming for the mark that God has set before us, and more. This unique series was designed to have a calm and peaceful pacing while sharing the powerful truths of God’s Word.

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Little Image-Bearers is a faith-based children’s show made with the understanding that we were created in the image of God. Children will be entertained, educated, and drawn closer to God through these simple yet fun episodes.

Mr. Phipps comes through the door with a smile and something fun to explore. Look forward to meeting interesting people from around the community, trying a new craft project and pondering the lessons learned by a comical cast of make-believe characters.

Before saying good-bye for the day, Mr. Phipps brings all the activities together with a Bible reading. Understanding of who God is and of our relation to Him will grow with every visit on Little Image-Bearers.

1: Made In The Image
Mr. Phipps explores the truth that we all bear the image of God. He plays with playdough, visits a potter, and teaches viewers how to create their own puppet. In puppet pretend, Bobo learns what it means to bear something.

2: Intrinsic Value
In this episode, Mr. Phipps explores the truth of our God-given intrinsic value. He experiments with a gold coin and tests to see if he can devalue the coin. He also teaches viewers how to make their own play coins. In puppet pretend, Lala loses her Dad’s precious gold coin!

3: It’s On The Inside
In this episode, Mr. Phipps investigates an item that can start a fire because of material contained on the inside. He teaches viewers how to make salt crystals to remind us of the beauty on the inside. In puppet pretend, Bobo tries to cover up with a hat what he doesn’t like about himself.

4: The Original
Mr. Phipps explores the truth that God is the original Creator. He visits an artist to see what an original painting is and how it is made. Then, he teaches viewers how to make their own original art. In puppet pretend, Lala paints a picture but there is confusion on what it is supposed to be.

5: The Standard
In this episode, Mr. Phipps explores the truth that God has set the standard for right and wrong. He examines a ruler and teaches viewers to make their own coloring page. In puppet pretend, Bobo helps Papa Bear build a table but he skips a very important step.

6: There Is A Wrong Way
Mr. Phipps explores the truth that there are right ways and wrong ways for everything, whether it’s how things work or the choices we make. He looks at batteries and explores how they fit together. He also takes viewers along for a golf cart ride. In puppet pretend, Lala and Dad Redhead are making a volcano, but have lost the instruction book!

7: Aiming For The Mark
In this episode, Mr. Phipps explores the truth of what “sin” means. He plays a game that involves shooting rubber bands at a target and goes to visit an archer friend. In puppet pretend, Bobo has a new ball he wants to throw around – but at what?


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